Berenstain Bears Welcome to Bear Country Sports Equipment White

By Moda
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Berenstain Bears Welcome to Bear Country Sports Equipment White

Welcome To Bear Country by Berenstain Bears for Moda

1 Yard, 100% Cotton Fabric, Approximately 44" Wide
Multiple yards will be cut as one piece

Welcome to Bear Country! Join Mama Bear, Papa, Bear, Brother and Sister as they camp out and have all sorts of fun outdoor adventures!
Item Details
Item: Fabric Yardage - By the Yard
Material: 100% Cotton
Brand: Moda
Collection: Welcome To Bear Country, Moda Style
Designer: Berenstain Bears
Style: Baby & Children, Sports, People, Animals, Brights
Color: White
SKU/Pattern: 55504-11 WHITE (click to see this pattern in other colors)
ItemCode cmdbn261 cqiiver3.0.0 cqnew120410 z0sku55504z 55504-11 WHITE zpfyz zycydz zt0cz zmmdz zdbnz znwbcz znmdsz zsbyz zsspz zsppz zsanz zsbrz zcwhz zcprz berenstein stanley jan sports camping biking fun outdoors bubbles circles words critters animals balls fishing playing white printed titles books reading style summer childrens babies baby little boys girls mother father brother sister

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