Kaffe Fassett Pencils Blue Tone on Tone

By Westminster-Rowan
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Kaffe Fassett Pencils Blue Tone on Tone

Pencils by Kaffe Fassett for Westminster-Rowan

1 Yard, 100% Cotton Fabric, Approximately 44" Wide
Multiple yards will be cut as one piece

This graphic fabric features rows of pencils in blue and white. Some are short, like golf pencils, others are longer. It's premium quality.
Item Details
Item: Fabric Yardage - By the Yard
Material: 100% Cotton
Brand: Westminster-Rowan
Collection: Pencils
Designer: Kaffe Fassett
Style: Stripes, Novelty, Quilting & Sewing, Geometric
Color: Blue
SKU/Pattern: GP113-BLUE (click to see this pattern in other colors)
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