FQ American Jane Punctuation Marks Black Fat Quarter

By Moda
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American Jane Punctuation Marks Black Fat Quarter

Punctuation by American Jane for Moda

Fat Quarter Single

100% Cotton Fabric, Approximately 18" x 22"
Fat Quarter Singles have been precut and individually packaged

By the letter beautiful, Punctuation captures nostalgic Americana charm complete with that American Jane one-of-a-kind whimsical splendor. Enchanting design with charismatic appeal. The textbook-perfect collection for that special project. Period.
Item Details
Item: Precut Fabric - Fat Quarter Single
Material: 100% Cotton
Brand: Moda
Collection: Punctuation
Designer: American Jane
Style: Retro, 1930's, Baby & Children, Novelty
Color: Black
SKU/Pattern: 21402-17 BLACK (click to see similar items)
ItemCode xqumdaj357 cqiiver3.0.0 cqnew111219 z0sku21402z 21402-17 BLACK zppcz zyxquz zt0cz zmmdz zdajz znpctz zsrtz zs30z zsbyz zsnvz zcbkz zcprz material sandy klop americana 30's 30s 1930s 1930's kitchen 1940's 1940s 40s 40's nostalgia nostalgic kids children cmdaj357

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