Amy Butler Midwest Modern Honeycomb Lime

By Westminster-Rowan
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Amy Butler Midwest Modern Honeycomb Lime

Midwest Modern by Amy Butler for Westminster-Rowan

1 Yard, 100% Cotton Fabric, Approximately 44" Wide
Multiple yards will be cut as one piece

Amy Butler's Midwest Modern 1 & 2 collections feature hip fashionable prints suitable for home dec and quilting.
Item Details
Item: Fabric Yardage - By the Yard
Material: 100% Cotton
Brand: Westminster-Rowan
Collection: Midwest Modern
Designer: Amy Butler
Style: Modern
Color: Teal
SKU/Pattern: AB25-LIME (click to see this pattern in other colors)
ItemCode cwrab464 cqiiver3.0.0 cqnew121006 z0skuAB25z AB25-LIME zpfyz zycydz zt0cz zmwrz zdabz zsmdz zctlz zcprz znmwmz aimee amey butlar david parson grey gray material

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